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Brand: EVAL Product Code: 04629
Large size, designed for fast and easy meal preparation.The ideal choice for catamarans and modern power boats with new double glazing, thermo-reflectant oven hatch.L 434 x W 550 x H 540mm..
Ex Tax:547.00€
Brand: EVAL Product Code: 04628
Compact and easy to use. The two enamel steel burners, in combination with the flame adjustment, can be operated on different temperature in order to allow the usage of two devices simultaneously...
Ex Tax:219.80€
Brand: SK MARINE Product Code: 04605-B
For grill code 04605-1...
Ex Tax:7.10€
Brand: EVAL Product Code: 04622
Gas cooker with two stainless steel burners, panholder system and gimbals. Extra thick 1 mm stainless steel body. The rack is removable for easy cleaning.L 240 x W 510 x H 115mm..
Ex Tax:282.80€
Brand: SK MARINE Product Code: 03857-1
GAS BOTTLE 227grComplies with ΕΝ417. For codes 3857, 4020, 3511...
Ex Tax:2.70€
Brand: EVAL Product Code: 04626
With two burners. Ideal for small and confined spaces.L 442 x W 480 x H 442mm..
Ex Tax:789.00€
Brand: EVAL Product Code: 04625
With three burners.L 484 x W 530 x H 460mm..
Ex Tax:898.80€
Brand: EVAL Product Code: 04630
Ideal for small and confined spaces due to its compact size. The whole structure, both internal and external, is made of stainless steel.L 400 x W 485 x H 240mm..
Ex Tax:475.00€
Brand: SK MARINE Product Code: 04604-C
For code 04604-1...
Ex Tax:8.30€
Brand: SK MARINE Product Code: 04601-1
This kettle grill has a compact stylish design and is made of high grade stainless steel. It uses any standard BBQ charcoal and has an easy-clean charcoal tray. Includes inner lid liner to protect cover from high-heat discoloration. Combined with base 04603-3.43mm..
Ex Tax:276.00€
Brand: SK MARINE Product Code: 04857
DINNERWARE & DRINKSWARE  offers you a stylish and durable dinnerware to enjoy meals when onboard. The line includes dinner, soup and dessert plates, salad and cereal bowls, water, beer and wine glasses, cups and espresso cups and cutlery...
Ex Tax:55.80€
Brand: EVAL Product Code: 03857
Portable gas cooking device with single eye. Available with case for storage.It is equipped with safety system. Gas spare bottle with code 03857-1.L 340 x W 255 x H 110mm..
Ex Tax:24.40€
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