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Brand: STEFANOUMARINE Product Code: 03642
Designed for quick and simple treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and to assist in deliveringthe Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). It can be used easily by anyone in the medical field (e.g.ambulance, emergency room, etc.) and non-medical field too (e.g. public or private places). Thebright ..
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Brand: STEFANOUMARINE Product Code: 00977-1
Emergency evacuation breathing device. Certified according to: ISO 23269-1:2008, FSS 3 2.2. Approved for marine use according to: (MED 96/98 EC – SOLAS 1974 11-2 / 13.3.4)Features of Emergency evacuation breathing device-15 minutes:Made from fire retardant and high strength materialsReliable ma..
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Brand: STEFANOUMARINE Product Code: 03642-MASK
Disposable resuscitator, for performance, versatility andconvenience. Specially designed, with ergonomic bodyand space-saving configuration.Features:• Disposable• Transparent PVC Construction• Swivel elbow - swivels a full 360 degrees• Adjustable Hook and Loop Handle• Closed System Oxygen Reservoir•..
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Brand: STEFANOUMARINE Product Code: 00510
Contents:• Plaster roll• Sterilized gauzes CE• Hemostatic bandage CE• Hemostatic elastic CE• Bandages ( 3 pcs) CE• Triangular bandage CE• Band Aids (10 pcs) CE• Threads (3 pcs) CE• Burnshield hydrogel blottCE• Isothermal blanket CE• Handkerchief dipped in alcohol(4 pcs)• Gloves of one use (4 pcs)• S..
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Brand: STEFANOUMARINE Product Code: 00512-8
According to "Art. 8 - FEK 2654/2021". Content:MEDICINES:• 1 Bottle of Peroxide of Hydrogen• 1 Povidone Iodine Solution 10% 30ml.MEDICAL DEVICES:• 1 Cervical Adjustable Pediatric Collar• 20 Sterile gauze 10 cm x 10cm - 12 PLY / 36cm x 40cm, in a separate package each• 2 Elastic Bandage 10 cm• 2 Elas..
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Brand: STEFANOUMARINE Product Code: 00509
Contents:• Anti-Angina Preparations• Anti-Hemorrhagics Including Uterotonics• Anti-Acid Mucous Dressings• Anti-Emetics• Anti-Diarroeals• Analgesic-Antipiretics• Analgesic-Anti-Inflammatory Praparation• Antiseptic Mercurochrom• Antiseptic Eau Oxygenee• Burn Preparation• Cannula for Mouth to Mouth Res..
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Brand: STEFANOUMARINE Product Code: 00508
First Aid Kit - big size (soft case). CE certified. List of content is included. Includes:• Plastic tweezers• Sterile gauze pad• Sterile gauze pad• PBT bandage• PBT bandage• First aid tape roll• Dust mask• Rubber tourniquet• Alcohol prep pad• Cleaning wet wipes• Adhesive bandage• Dressing• Triangula..
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Brand: STEFANOUMARINE Product Code: 00511
Includes:• antianginal pills• antiemetic• antidiarrheal• analgetic-antifever• antiseptic solution• burn preparation• recovery device/mask mouth to mouth, BROOK type with one way valve and filter• hemostatic bandage type TOURNIQUET ESMAR• self adhesive elastic bandage• sterilized gauzes pads compress..
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Brand: STEFANOUMARINE Product Code: 00979-6
Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) with compressed air in 300 bar, for the protection of the respiratory system and face against smoke and hazardous gas fumes. SOLAS/MED approved.Features of Self-contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA): Anatomic frame for perfect back support, made from fir..
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Brand: EVAL Product Code: 04843
Approved according to SOLAS LSA CODE MSC 81/70 Designed for hypothermia protection during prolonged exposure in life rafts and rescue boats, keeps suvivors warm and protected against rain, wind and cold. Waterproof fabric with low thermal conductivity to reduce heat loss of convective and evaporate ..
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